Products & Services

Birth Doula Package $700

The Birth Doula Package is my base package of services for those who hire me as their birth doula. This package requires a signed contract and half of the fee at the time the contract is signed, in order to reserve your due date on my calendar. The other half of the fee will be due at the time of the first postpartum meeting. The Birth Doula Package includes the following products and services:

  • Two prenatal meetings. These will last 1-2 hours long.
  • Acupressure sessions at all prenatal meetings. Acupressure sessions last between 10-20 minutes long at regular prenatal meetings.
  • 24/7 on-call availability starting at 38 weeks.
  • Backup doula support. 
  • Continued support. I will be by your side through all of labor and delivery. Acupressure services are included.
  • Two postpartum visits. The first postpartum visit will be within the first 3 days after birth, and the second visit will be in the third postpartum week.
  • Labor & Delivery timeline. You will receive a copy of all of the notes that I take during your birth.
  • Customized prenatal botanical products. These include 4 oz. of pregnancy tea per month (or as needed) and 2 oz. of belly balm.
  • Customized postpartum botanical products. These include 4 oz. of lactation tea,  2 oz. of the botanical sitz bath blend, a 2 oz. bottle of soothing perineum spray, and 1 oz. of soothing nipple cream.

Botanical Products

Botanical products are currently only available through email and phone orders and in-person sales.

  • Customized Pregnancy Tea. $5/1oz or $16/4oz
  • Customized Lactation Tea. $5/1oz or $16/4oz
  • Botanical Sitz Bath Blend. $6/1oz or $20/4oz
  • Soothing Perineum Spray. $10/2oz
  • Soothing Nipple Cream. $6/1oz
  • Belly Butter. $15/4oz

Acupressure Services

  • Single Acupressure Session House-call. $60/session. Additional acupressure sessions are available by appointment only. Discounts are available when scheduling multiple acupressure house-calls. Each session lasts around 1 hour.
  • Private Acupressure Workshop for Expectant Parents. $80/private workshop. Learn specific acupressure protocols that you can use as comfort measures throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.